Friday, March 20, 2015

Unexpected quilt at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Plains Indians exhhibit

I was surprised to see this wonderful quilt in the Met's major new exhibit of the art of the Plains Indians. I'd never before associated quilting with NativeAmericans, but it seems that the Plains Indians were introduced to it by the white Europeans and missionaries who settled in the American mid-west and some of their descendants still quilt today.  
This quilt was made in 1915 by Rebecca Blackwater, thought to be part of either the Dakota, Lakota, Santee or Rosebud tribe. When not on display, this quilt is is a private collection in Boston.

I fell in love with this quilter's depiction of animals and tried to capture photos of a few of them. I especially like the pair of horses who look to be just standing around, taking it easy, and the kangaroo whom she depicts as being encountered by Indians while outhunting in the American mid-west. Clearly, this quilter had a sense of humor.

I highly recommend seeing this exhibit in person if you get a chance. This quilt is only one of a huge number of beautiful objects made by some little-known but wildly talented and patient artists.