Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Letter from a friend

This letter really touched me, and I'm sharing it with permission (although I'm leaving off my friend's name). The reason I thought my blog readers might like to read it is that it seems rare for a quilter to learn how a quilt they make for someone is actually used, and if it really means anything to them. We all send quilts off here, there, and everywhere and usually get a quick "thanks" but it's rare to get a note like this one:

"This morning I was changing my bed sheets and smoothing out the blankets and the quilt. And as I ran my hands over the quilt I was thinking about how much I love it. And then the Third Street apartment popped into my head and I remember those horrible days and nights after my husband left and how that quilt was at the bottom of my bed and it brought me so much comfort because I thought of you and all the support you have given me over the years and I thought of Nova Scotia. And I was thinking that that quilt is the one item that I strongly identify with Third Street that transferred back to Fourth Street and held, throughout, its good karma. And I thought about how much I loved it and how amazing it was that you made it for me. I feel like the quilt took care of me. I feel like it is a security blanket.
Thank you."

I've been smiling ever since I received it!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Mini-quilt Swap

I received this terrific little quilt today from my secret partner in the Quilting Blogger's Spring mini-quilt swap:

Isn't it great? It was made by Heather Ferris, a quilter and blues singer from British Columbia.
She also included a copy of a CD her family band recorded---Ties That Bind---that's excellent. I know my DH, who's a bluegrass fan, is going to be very happy to hear it.

Here's a photo of the back of the quilt:
Instead of the usual label, Heather added a tiny pocket with a Velcro closure that contained a tiny card inscribed with our names. How cute is that? I love it!

Monday, May 6, 2013

My most fabulous quilt retreat

I had a grea time at the Brooklyn Quilters' Guild retreat in Connecticut over the weekend. There's nothing like a weekend away with good friends and being waited on hand-and-foot so all you need to do is sew, sew, sew!
Here's what I accomplished:

I made the small bird quilt above from the bird blocks I'd made for the Block Lotto drawing and was supposed to send away to the lucky lottery winner.  But I needed a small quilt for a spring-themed quilt secret swap I'd signed up for, and what could be more perfect than birds and flowers? I made 3 more bird blocks afterwards to send off to the lucky Block Lotto winner.

I also assembled and started machine quilting the mug blocks I'd won earlier in the year in Block Lotto. Aren't these mugs great? This quilt was one of the hits of the retreat---lots of quilters stopped by to admire the great variety of quirky mugs I'd won. It was fun to be able to show it off, and maybe get a few new recruits for the block lotto?

Hmmm....I think I've got a theme going here. The quilt top pictured above, which I also assembled over the weekend, is made from Block Lotto blocks I won last month. I love the modern look of it. This one is lap-sized, and I'm going to finish it and give it to my dear Dad, who's got Alzheimer's. I think he's going to love it.

This photo show the only dark part of the weekend, which occurred when I sewed through my finger while I was free-motion quilting the mug quilt. Ouch! It was a first for me, but several other quilters told me they'd done the same thing at some point during their quilting careers. I was lucky to have done it while I was in a room full of quilters---three of whom happened to be nurses. The finger was impaled on the needle, and stuck in the machine, but they rushed to my rescue and had me bandaged and sewing again in no time. I'm sure it's going to look pretty nasty for awhile, but since it doesn't hurt much, and it's bandaged up pretty well, I've decided to keep it wrapped and not look at it until I have to.
TMI? I hope not!