Sunday, May 22, 2016

A couple of new projects...

A couple of months ago, I promised some dear friends that I hadn't seen in awhile that I'd make them a blue-amd-white quilt for their bed, and I've been thinking about which pattern would be best ever since. I've got tons of blue scraps, as I work with a lot of blue, so I was on the look-out for just the right scrap quilt pattern. Yesterday I met my friend Dori at our quilt guild's monthly meeting, and she was working on a baby quilt using this Disappearing 4-patch pattern. I fell in love with it.
     When I got home from the meeting I sorted through some of my scraps, found some great blues, and cut and sewed together 6 blocks to get an idea how it would look. I think the blocks finish at 7 in. square each, so the pieces are fairly small. I thought this would be a good way incorporate a fair number of different scraps without giving too much weight to any one fabric. It will be very scrappy.
Here are the 6 blocks together:

Here is a single block:

Sorry, the photos are a little dark, but the white is a white-white and the blues are brighter than they look here.

Below is another quilt that I started a few weeks ago, after I took a machine quilting class from my friend Chris Janove at City Quilter in Manhattan. I think the pattern is called Paving Stones, and I'm using some Kaffe Fasset fat-quarters I've had in my stash for a long time, along with the same bright white fabric in the photos above. (It looks whiter in the photo below, right?)

I chose this pattern because it lends itself perfectly to a quilt-as-you-go project, and I'm quilting each square as I finish it. I am practicing pebble quilting, which I learned in Chris' class, and which I am totally enjoying. Below is a close-up photo of the quilting, so you can see the progress I'm making. ;-)
More updates to this blog soon, I hope. I've been on a break, from blogging and from quilting after a tragic death in my family, but I'm hoping to do more sewing and blogging in the coming months.
All the best,