Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pineapple Blossom blocks for May Block Lotto

Here's a photo of the 7 "pineapple blossom" blocks I've completed to enter into Block Lotto for May. I've got enough strips cut to make 2 more blocks for the contest (9 entries are usually allowed for each participant each month) and I'll probably get around to sewing them together in the next few days. I won the lotto 3 times in the first year or two I'd started contributing, but haven't won in quite a while now (you can see the quilts I made with my winning blocks if you look back to the first entries I made to this blog). But even when I don't win, I don't find it discouraging: I enjoy making the blocks, and I've learned some new techniques from a few of the patterns that have been chosen by Sophie, the amazing block lotto organizer. Also, I've used a lot of scraps from my considerable stash, which is always a great feeling.
Just a note: Block Lotto is an extremely well-organized quilting lottery, and I highly recommend participating in it if you are looking for a high-quality on-line group to join. I've never met Sophie in person, but I have a lot of respect for her administrative and organizational skills and am grateful that she's taken this on!


  1. Awww ... what a lovely compliment for the lotto (and me, too). Thank you.

  2. I really like the modern feeling of this. You have so many styles but I always see a whimsical side. Love it!