Saturday, July 30, 2011


My mail this morning contained this wonderful hand-made postcard, sent to me by Julie Post in Titonka, Iowa, who's the author of the Joe Tulips blog. She sent it after I'd left a question on her blog asking if she puts the gorgeous postcards she makes in the mailbox, or if she seals them up in envelops first. I guess I got my answer (no envelope).
I'm going to hang this up in my sewing room and smile every time I see it. It's made my day.


  1. Yes you were the no-reply. I am thinking, that is a good thing today....getting a reply this way is more exciting and fun. I am not even sure how one fixes the no-reply thing.

  2. In the my profile window you have to add an e-mail address in order to not be a no-reply. Here's how I learned:
    You can have a second g-mail address so you can toggle back and forth between and keep blog separate from real life.

  3. Thank you for that explanation! I think I just made the change I needed to make, so maybe I can get a comment. Thanks!

  4. Is the postcard made of paper or cloth?