Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Time for a mystery quilt!

Actually, I DO NOT have time to be making a mystery quilt, but I've been checking in on Bonnie Hunter's blog Quiltville every now and then and noticed that she just happened to be starting a new mystery quilt one of the days I clicked on her site. It's called the Orca Bay Mystery. Since Bonnie seems to be all about using up scraps, and I've got more scraps than I know what to do with, I figured I can justify my involvement. So I started right in. Here's a photo of the first units she's asked us to make, from black and white fabrics.

If I remember correctly, we're supposed to make 230 or so of these little units (they measure 2 1/2 inches) but the instructions said to just get started, and not to worry if you didn't get all of them finished before the next directions are published on Friday.

That said, I'm determined not to let my current project, the Scrappy Trip, become another UFO. So I'm working on both quilts at the same time. I've got all of the large blocks for the Scrappy Trip finished, and I'm now creating a border for it that I hope will read as a zig-zag line when it's done. Here's a photo of where it stands now:

I want the border to be separated from the main part of the quilt by a strip of fabric---I was thinking of even using white, or maybe a pale yellow. I'll see what looks best when I'm ready to start sewing it all together.


  1. I do like you the orca bay and that the reason I know now your blog- I love a lot the quilt you show here !!!!your UFO is so nice ! hope you'll finish it some day and show us it finished !!!! BRAVO !!!

  2. Thanks for your good wishes! I didn't see an email listed for you to respond to, so I hope you see this reply! best, Ginny

  3. You've got a great start to Orca Bay, I love the stripes. Your Scrappy Trip is amazing.

  4. I love your Scrappy Trip, well worth finishing it.

  5. Just popped in to see your triangles. I don't have time either, but I'm just making some :). Are you using a solid black? Some of my blacks look like they have too much white/ print in them. Not sure how much contrast we'll need. Great Scappy Trip!!