Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My First Award!

I was pleased to open my email this morning and learn that I'd be chosen to receive a Sunshine Award by my fellow blogger and super-talented quilter Rhianon, also known as The Nifty Stitcher.

It's a wonderful thing, to learn that someone enjoys your blog enough to want to give you an award---I am smiling my "I-found-a-great-new-fabric-store" smile!

I am supposed to tell you more about myself, so here goes: I've been quilting for about 20 years, more or less. I'm trying to remember how old my kids were when I started so I can pin it down....but I'm not sure. My middle son is turning 18 this weekend, and I was quilting when he was born, so at least that long. I can remember taking him to the monthly meetings of my guild, The Quilter's Guild of Brooklyn, and dragging him along to quilting bees and a number of quilt shows. He made a beautiful quilt himself when he was young. I hope to make him a new quilt in the next few months that he can take to college with him in the fall.

I would like to nominate two people whose blogs and work I admire to get the Sunshine Award as well.

*  Julie, the author of joe tulips quilts. Julie makes fantastic quilts and often includes words in her designs. She also makes wonderful postcards, and her blog usually makes me smile.

* Barbara, the author of Piece and Quilt. Barbara creates stunning quilts, often using fabric that she hand dyed herself. She has an amazing sense of color and design, so I check her blog frequently to see what she has been up to.

Have a great day everyone, and happy quilting! ...Ginny


  1. Thanks for your sweet praise. Now to let everyone others know.