Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dear Jane So Far, plus BAD NEWS!

I was anxious to look at all the Dear Jane blocks I'd finished so far in advance of visiting the original Jane Stickle quilt tomorrow at the Bennington Museum in Vermont, so I threw them up on my design wall in no particular order and snapped this photo. I think they are looking pretty good! They look a bit wild, since we weren't supposed to trim them yet, but I get the sense that the fabrics will work together in the end. I may remake one or two of the blocks that seem especially wonky later on, but we'll see how it goes.
Anyway, the heartbreaking bad news is that I just called the Bennington Museum to double-check some directions and learned that the quilt is no longer on display! I am so sad/mad at the same time. I am pretty sure the museum's website indicated that the Dear Jane quilt was on display through the end of the month, but believe it or not,  nothing I said to the poor woman who answered the phone was going to get them to put it back up on exhibit tomorrow. For me.
Here's a link to the museum's description of the quilt on its website. Read the last line of the text under the photos, and tell me if you agree that the quilt should still be on display!

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  1. Last I heard, it was still October for another six days.