Monday, December 31, 2012

Easy Street, Week 6

I used up ALL of the black-on-white fabric I had in my stash for this latest step in Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt and I was only able to eek out 100 units---I'm still 28 short. Rats! I was hoping to finally be able to complete one step in one sitting. Oh well, I guess I'll need to venture out to a fabric store later. What a shame (ha ha).
What is sad is that I just got back last night from a post-Christmas trip to Ashville, NC with a few members of my extended family where I was able to squeeze in a quick visit to the Ashville Cotton Co. fabric shop. It was terrific: unpretentious and filled with fabric, all at a  20% discount! You can't ask for more than that, right? I picked up a few fat quarters (I'd sent my family to the nearby Starbucks and knew my time was limited) but I didn't think to buy any more black-on-white. Somehow, I'd assumed we were done with the black-on-white, but I was mistaken.
Anyway, no matter. I'm having a great time with this mystery, and can't wait now to see what the quilt looks like all assembled.

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  1. What fun to visit a fabric store in Asheville!! I love your potholder and the black and white fabric. Happy New Year!!!