Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow Day = Celtic Solstice progress

New York City got another dumping of snow yesterday. The storm started only 12 hours after the Super Bowl finished---it snowed pretty much all day yesterday, and left everything looking clean and beautiful again. I love the city right after it snows! It's so quiet for those couple of hours it takes the plows to get out and get the city running again.
I took advantage of the weather and a gap in my schedule to finish sewing together my Celtic Solstice blocks so I could post a progress photo on Bonnie Hunter's final link-up.  I still need to finish putting together the pieced border.....but there's more snow in the forecast so you never know.


  1. Your quilt really looks great and Christmasy is a subtle way. Believe it or not, the FIRST snow of 2014 fell here last night. (We got dumped on in November and early December, but this is the first snow here since Winter officially began). More is on the way tomorrow afternoon, so it may start looking a lot more like winter around here soon.

  2. Congratulations! Fantastic way to spend a snowy day.