Friday, March 21, 2014

Grand-baby quilt

I just finished a baby quilt for my friend Karen, who's become a grandmother at the age of 50. I'm a couple of years older than she is, and my own sons (ages 23, 19 and 14) are SO far from settling down and becoming fathers that it's hard for me to believe she's already onto this wonderful stage. She's beyond thrilled, of course.


  1. LOL here. My twin sister has #5 popping out in June and zero for me. I get to borrow her's occasionally. I'm also permitted to make quilts for them too. ;-D

  2. Hi Ginny love the quilt. I know how your friend feels as I am Grannie to DH's daughter's baby at 49 and our two boys are 18 and 14 so it is quite surreal! Hugs Susie x