Sunday, July 1, 2012

Orca Bay finished

I'm finally posting some photos of the Orca Bay mystery quilt I completed this spring using Bonnie Hunter's pattern. I'm really pleased with how it came together.

The photo above shows the quilting, which I had done by Wilma at  
Christian Lane Quilters. She suggested that I have the quilting done in blue thread, and that I use a blue back for the quilt, rather than the yellowish one I had provided. I'm so glad I went with her advice, as I love the quilting and feel that the back is a much better match for the quilt.

The photo above shows the blue quilt back that Wilma suggested, as well as gives you a better look at the quilting.

I'm hooked on string piecing now, and am trying to figure out another project to make where I can use that technique.  I put together the block above, using a pattern called weathervane, but I'm not sure I'll make any more of these. I'm not sure there is enough contrast between the pieces. And maybe there's too much contrast in the blues I chose for the string pieces. Anyway, it's fun to fool around with it.


  1. Congratulations on that lovely finish! I should have loved to make such a quilt had the instructions not been all for machine. I love your choice of fabrics and the total look.

  2. Awesome quilt, I love your colors and I 'know' how much work it was. I love your weathervane block too, I guess you're not burned out on string blocks, lol.

  3. Wish I had gotten to the Phil sooner, so I might have had a chance to catch up a bit. But glad this is an option. Your quilt is so intricate- setting, sashing and border! I'm amazed by how much you get done. Wilma is a real gem. I still have a quilt in her queue - she thinks Aug -Sept. I sent her a quilt last year and she finished it about the time of my Aug. birthday. That would be a nice present again.