Saturday, September 3, 2011

Experimenting with the Square-Pants block

I've made a few versions of a block I discovered a couple of weeks ago on the Lily's Quilts blog, which you can find HERE.
For the first one, which I've already published, is pictured again below. For that one, I assembled a random assortment of bright fabrics from my stash, in no particular order, and used white as my neutral. I liked the block, but was disappointed that it didn't "read" like the one on Lily's website. Her block read clearly as two overlapping squares, with a diamond in the center, and mine looked like a random assortment of triangles.

So I tried again, and stuck to fabric scraps I had in blues and browns. I figured I could make one of the "squares" out of blue and the other from brown, and then keep the floating diamond shapes in either blue or brown. Here are the two blocks I made sticking to that color scheme:
After I'd finished those two, I checked the photo of the block on Lily's blog again and realized that I hadn't placed the colors the same way that she had. So I made a 3rd version of the block, pictured below:

I think this block, which is most like Lily's, is my favorite of the 4. Now I'm thinking of making a few more of them with the same color placement to see how they'd look together, and then decide whether to continue on and make a quilt. My husband likes these blocks, so I'm encouraged to start something new (you can tell it doesn't take much!).

Above is a photo of all 4 blocks together. I think they cold make a great quilt once I get the color placement figure out! The blues and browns are a little dark though. Maybe I can find some lighter fabrics in my stash to brighten it up.


  1. They are all appealing to look at. My favorites are the middle two.

  2. Ginny, you have inspired me, i really loved this block. I had some hst's, so I am trying this out! come see: