Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How cool is this???

OK, this is not a great photo but I was  excited to see how all the African Violet blocks that I've been receiving from the block lotto folks would look together. It's even better than I'd imagined! I love how the colors are working together. My plan is to sash them with a lovely fabric I've already got in my stash: it's a pale green stripe on a cream field. I love stripes. I'm just waiting for a few more flower blocks and then I'll start working on it in earnest. I'll keep you posted.... 


  1. Those are indeed lovely.. I can hardly wait to see the sashing

  2. It is pretty cool! Love to see your ideas ~

  3. That is really spectacular. I remembered my great grandma's backroom had a wrought iron cart filled with them. Her daughter, my mom and me all grew them. How nice to have your own collection from friends.