Saturday, March 5, 2011

Small bird quilt

Just wanted to post a photo of this little quilt before I pack it off to be part of an exhibit of small quilts our guild is mounting at the Public Library branch in Canarse. The quilt is 20 inches wide and 22 inches high, and all it needs is for the sleeve to be stitched on to the back and it will be finished.
This is one of those projects that I was very excited about when I was figuring it out and putting it together, but then just dropped and moved on to something else. It's been sitting in my fabric closet for almost a year. But the call for small quilts made me think of it, so I'm going to finish it off and get it out in public. It's always fun to be part of a show, especially since my guild has some amazingly talented members.
When I originally posed this, I thought the show was at the Brooklyn Public Library which is an imposing Art Deco building, completed in 1941 and given landmark status in the 1990s. It's very near my house and it's a terrific place. But I was wrong. Oh well!
I've never been to the library in Canarse but I guess this will be an opportunity for me to check it out. Our small quilt show may travel to some other libraries after that, and I'll post and update if that happens.


  1. I love birds and I love the Brooklyn Public Library and I love the exhibits there. It'll be great to see your work displayed. It's beautiful!

  2. thanks for posting this darling small quilt and for letting me know that there will be an exhibit at the Brooklyn Public Library! I will have to stop by.