Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Quilt top in progress

This is a photo of a quilt top in progress on my design wall (which is in a room that doubles as a guest room!). I got the pattern from a blog by AmandaJean called CrazyMomQuilts ( I'm making this quilt for my niece, who's getting married at the end of May, and who loves red, orange and yellow. I chose this pattern partly because of the name: The Future Looks So Bright. Seemed like the perfect pattern for a wedding quilt!
The quilt is a little bit small now, and I want to add borders to make it larger, and give it a different look. Only I can't decide whether to add more of the white background first, to make the squares look like they are "floating" or just start adding borders to the top as it is.
I couldn't find my camera, so I took this photo with my iPhone. I will try to find my real camera before I post any more photos!


  1. What added more of the small dark/light four patches to the sides, except use the back ground light. They would meet the border. The top and bottom could float with plain, running to the border.
    I guess it depends on how much bigger you want it.
    Does that make sense??
    I discovered you were a no-reply thanks for liking my quilt!!!!

  2. Thanks for the idea Joe. I'm going to try to work it out this weekend.
    What's a no-reply commenter? I'm new at this. Should I change something in my settings?

  3. When I went to reply to your comment, the address is noreply. I am not much better at knowing things. I have heard people talk of it and there is something you change if you comment at say...joe tulips....and you would like to hear from me directly. There are different I see you replied in your comments and it only took 4 days for me to figure that out. I rarely comment in my own comments.
    If you hit "reply" you should be able to send email, cause my address will be hotmail account.